The S.L. Coast Guard-Why we do things the way we do-

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The S.L. Coast Guard
-Why we do things the way we do

In real life or what some of us call “The World”, I’ve spent my entire life in service to others. I was never one to just sit back and let life come at me. There was the ROTC in High School and College, Boy Scouts, Red Cross and Big Brothers, then came the US Marine Corps where I started as an enlisted person, became a mustang and retired after flying CH-53’s. While in the Marines I served on various ships at sea and became to love the ocean. So next, I moved over to be with the U.S. Coast Guard, so I could serve again, but this time not only for my country but for those out on the water that needed help.

While with the USCG I became qualified on Water patrol operations, Port security, Environmental protection, vessel inspections and even became a certified instructor for safe boating. During my years with the Coast Guard my love for the Air, water and saving lives deepened to a passion that sometimes drove my family crazy. Unlike so many others, I had a job that not only did I enjoy but I could also live my dream.

I came into Second Life for a place to relax. I was still active with the Coast Guard at this time and saw a great need for safe boating education. Hoping that maybe…just maybe I could help save a life in the real world by educating people worldwide in a virtual world.

As our group continued to grow, I was asked by many, is this the way it is done in the U.S. Coast Guard? And request for more realism. I had with me wonder folks like Tigs, RJ, Sniper, Vlad and many others that shared my dreams and desires. So based on my experiences and training with the Marine Corps and the Coast Guard, we started to add what realism that we could. Thing like Water/Air Patrols, Report Writing, Having to complete paperwork, Proper wear of uniforms and grooming standards all became part of the group’s way of life.

Of course with this being a virtual world and not real life, we are restricted in the way we must do some things. But for the most part we can strive to make things as realistic as possible. This is not just limited to our uniforms and equipment but to our processes and procedures as well.

In “The World” Coast Guard members volunteered to sign a contract with government to serve for x number of years. In uniform or out they are subject to being called to come into work. Many times including one Christmas day, I was called from my home for a SAR mission because of the additional need for assets and manpower.

Being a member of the virtual world SLCG, you volunteered. You volunteered to share my dreams and passions. Some of you may have been invited, but most of you heard about this group and what it stands for and said…I Want to be part of that! This group is not nor will it ever become a social club, this group is about doing what we can to save lives in the REAL WORLD. And along the way maybe have some fun.

Over the course of the past several years after my retirement, I watched from afar and decided this group had lost the vision and goals I had set forth. I started hearing comments from others that the group had seemed to founder on the shoals. This is why I felt I had to return…to get us back on the course I had set from the beginning.

Through the wonderful skills of many of our member past and present, you have been provided with the tools, guidelines, processes and procedures needed to preform our mission. Just as in the real world, everything in the SLCG is subject to being reviewed, updated, changed or even cancelled.

Even though it may be roleplay, when a Mayday call comes in (We don’t get that many) I expect everyone (Myself included) to respond in some fashion…even if it’s just to say…I’m pretending to be a DJ or a bus mechanic right now. If you’re real life income and support comes from Second Life…good for you. Just ask the G-1 (Via the COC) to update your personnel records to reflect what you do. If your Building, I can respect that because I understand the way things work (Or Don’t) in SL. Just post a message in group chat telling us you’re in the middle of a build and can’t save it at that point. But with this said….there is nothing else in Second Life (That I’m aware of) which should exclude each of your from responding in some sort of fashion. You may not be needed, but it’s nice to know you’re around and standing by if you are. It also shows your dedication and commitment to the group and it’s mission. You volunteered first by joining this group, then you again volunteered by completing SAR training and you volunteered by completing pilot training. I think it reasonable for us to ask you to take part in these groups’ activities whether it is patrols, teaching, training or SAR’s.

My vision and goals may not be what you want or desire in Second life. If it is….then you’re welcome to continue the journey together as a team, as a group and as a family. If you decide it is not, then I wish you well as your journey in Second Life continues. All I ask is that you drop me a quick Note Card to say “I Quit”. No reasons required and No explanations needed. This goes for everyone from the seaman recruit to our Admirals.

Folks, there will be changes…not only in real life, not only just in Second Life, but here in the SL Coast Guard as well. You can either strive together, as a team to make these changes work or decide you no longer want to be part of what is happening. Unlike many of the other groups in Second Life, what you do in our group can and does have an impact in the real world, we can and have helped save lives.

So the question is…do you share my dream to make the boating world a safer place? The choice is yours…….
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I volunteer to keep the mission and the vision of this going. I have volunteered too many times to stand aside.
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